International school in Japan

Fuck I blog, blah blah blah.
It is shit. I know it.
But the fcka International school in Japan is shittyer!!
I might have been my luck fuked as we have got millions of the “International School” in Japan, that they supposed to teach kids English….
But, this fuck school in the Tokyo, very fucking close to Saitama is fuked.

I nicely asked one of the boy,
“How was your day?”
Provided my Enrish is fuked, I asked him slowly three times.

He was puzzled looking like
“how da fuck this guy aint speaking Japanese?”

and said
“I don’t know”


I asked him a few more question like

“what is name?”
“how old are you?”
“how big is your dick?”

and said
“I don’t know”

tuition is fuck high and i give no shit, i mean, i don’t know…

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