Yum Yum Sperm

We eat tons of weird shit. We make them all into sushi. Here’s another one far out. Fish sperm. Fuck it’s yummy on your tammy, make your sperm count fucking high and give your nightly activity a kick! It taste so….thick. Which I think is pretty sick….

Rice fuckers

So, another one died today from eating the deadly wepon called “the rice.” Don’t mess with rice. It could kill you. We, Japanese, fuck so much with rice. Japanese rices are usually called “the sticky rice.” It is true. We like it extra sticky when wet. We even have these degree of stickiness. It’s not…

Deadly delicious

So, it is the blowfish season and I got this sent from my relative in Yamaguchi prefecture, relatively south part of Japan. It is supposed to be preciously delicious that you supposed to risk your life to eat them. Yes. We do hear the occasional news about the redneck wanna be fisher dude scoring the…