meet da best singer in japan

yes. this is who she is.

her name is hatsune miku.
she aint human, thanks to the brain cells of the yamaha fuckers.

i guess i should explain what the fuck…

amrican music was hip in 80’s.

so we shit singers tried hard to sound like mariah carey in the MTV unplugged or some shit.

we all know that asian sucks when we sing!!!

and long story short, we motherfucking quit practicing as none of those girl singer practice…especially so called good looking ones.

they have this illusion that though they need to stand in the front of mirror for 5 hours a day, all they need to be a greatest singer in japan was to listen to music a few secounds a month and sing when someone ask you to…. sure they have some fucked up talent. great for them.

then, yamaha fuckers go “guess what this sucks….” then listeners go “guess what? computer sings better than the so-called best female singer in japan!!!

fuck it.

whatever we do, those fuckers never going to try.

sell pussy and be famous or suck my dick now and make you famous.

sad day of the music….

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