Ayako Sono is the famous one now that she is the racist, but Japan is no foreigner for the racism against foreigners. Yes. we fucking hate foreigners as you may see these none translated menu in the restaurant and shit. Fuckers.

But, this Ayako Sono had made it clear that, as the advisor of the shit leaking prime minister Abe, that Japan should accept niggers and all niggers should stay in one village to isolate niggers.

I mean, no problem.

China kids, as known as chinos, stay together to form the china town and fuck each other like the hillbillies do. Fucking the same and you will fucking stay together. Yet, speak that shit in behalf of the president is fackafully wrong and Chris Rockafully funny and Dave Crossackafully inappropriate. Yet it is OK to dis the third of fifth generation Korean immigrants.

Racism exists everywhere.

White people are nice as they the fuckers always love it.

You have the mixed kid with the white, you shittingly did the best job.

Everything else is fucked as we all are fucked. 

My Japanese dick was well beyond moistured by white pussy n my 20’s by American fats but that is another story.    

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